About Us

The Story About ToyerBee
ToyerBee, a small but big-hearted family company, was founded in 2014 by Han (CEO). When Han was expecting his first child, he discovered the children's industry was severely lacking in fashionable, functionable options. Thus, Han created a shopping platform for moms to find great deals for their children and their families, without spending a lot of time and money. Welcome to a whole new world - a world of toys and children's products in their growth development.


Our Mission: Providing Moms Educational, Stylish, Eco-friendly, Quality Products
Our children are the center of it all. It is about connecting children with natural materials, helping them discover their creativity and let them be in charge of it. That’s why we are passionate to provide quality, safety, and trendy things at an affordable price. Let us see your sweetheart's every moment.