ToyerBee kids sand toys- 23pcs beach toys set with Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Watering Can, Mold- boys & girls & toddles toys


1.20 PCS sand toys set for toddlers: 1 water wheel, 5 beach tool kit, 2 beach bucket, 1 watering can, 9 beach molds, 4 castle building kit and 1 mesh bag. Great for parties and indoor/outdoor activities!

2.Quality assured: High quality material used. All the sand toys for kids are made by environmental and durable plastics. 100% non-toxic and BPA Free.

3.Great variation: molds of fish, dog, crab, dolphin, starfish, rhinoceros and all kinds of castles. Great toys for boys & girls to cultivate imagination and creativity.

4.Learning while playing: Multi-colored shapes and molds included. Good for color & shape cognition, helpful to promote hand-eye coordination and make play time enjoyable.
5.One year warranty provided to against any damage or defect.

◆Great variation 

This sand toys contains 2 Castle Bucket with Handle, 4 Ancient Castle Mold, 8 fun Animal Molds, 1 Watering Can, 1 water wheel ,4 beach tool kit and 1 mesh bag. It may provide hours of imaginative play for boys and girls. 

◆Multipurpose toys

All the molds are carved interiorly in the most beautiful and detailed ways. Not to mention that these beach toys are brightly colored and have the perfect size for kids’ little hands to play. Play with sand or magic sands to improve patience, practical ability, hand-eye coordination and more. 

◆Easy to carry

A mesh bag makes it easy to store everything and carry it with you wherever life takes you 

◆High quality Fun & safe toys: 100% Non-toxic and BPA Free. One year warranty provided to against any damage or defect. 

1 * water wheel(9.7*6.3*6.3inch)

5* beach tool kit(3.7*8.7*1.1 inch,7.9*3.5*0.8 inch,7.2*3.6*1.5 inch,6.7*2.3*1.4 inch,8.5*3.7*1.9 inch)

2 * beach bucket(6.4*5.7*4.9 inch,6.7*4.6*6.5 inch) 1 * watering can(3.1*3.0*3.3 inch)

9* animal molds: fish(3.7*3.3*0.9 inch), dog(4.3*3.3*1.4 inch), 3*crab(4.9*3.7*1.6 inch,4.1*2.4*1.2 inch), dolphin(4.5*2.6*0.6inch), starfish(4.4*4.2*1.1 inch,4.1*3.7*1 inch), rhinoceros(4.7*3.1*3.1 inch), cow(4.7*3.9*1.3 inch) 

4 * castle building kit(4.7*4.7*2.6 inch,3.5*1.7*1.8 inch,4.8*2*2.9 inch,4.2*1.9*2.2 inch) 
1 * mesh bag.(15*15 inch)