ToyerBee Bath Toy, Basketball Hoop Bathtub Toy with 3 Ocean Animal Balls& Powerful Suction Cup for Boys & Girls & Toddlers


【CLEVER DESIGN】With an adjustable handle, the bath toy can be folded into different shapes. When you fix the toy on the wall, it can be a "basketball hoop", toddlers can shoot while taking a bath. When you take off the toys and tighten the rope, toddlers can play the fishing game. ToyerBee bath toys could offer kids different pleasures. Children will love bathing.
【POWERFUL SUCTION CUP】Super power suction cup is suitable for most wet bathroom walls, so don't worry about the basket falling off when the children shoot. Unless you want to take it off, it will remain firmly in your bathroom as a "basket". Children can enjoy shooting games for hours.
【LOVELY LOOK】Kids will have a whale basket, a crab pendant, and three cute ocean animal bath balls (crab, puffer, whale). Just sink them into water and take them out, these lovely animal balls can spray like real marine life! Imagine how interesting it would be for children to bathe with lovely sea creatures.
【EASY TO STORAGE】Every time kids spend a happy bath time with the cute bath toy, as long as the you tighten the net bag, the basket can become a receiving basket, easy to accept all the balls. Parents need not worry about the storage of toys.
【SAFE&DURABLE】The bath toy is smooth and burr-free which will not hurt children's hands. ToyerBee use safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless BPA-free plastic material as we value kids' health. We use high quality plastic, so parents don't have to worry about the balls will be moldy after using them in the water.

Fold the handle up 90 degrees and fix the toy on the wall. With a strong suction cup, the bathing toy can be firmly adsorbed on the wall. 1&2&3-year-old children can enjoy hours of shooting time.

Remove the toy from the wall, fold the hand down 90 degrees and tighten the net. The basket becomes a fishing net. Toddlers changed from young athletes to little fishermen.

Are there too many toys piled up beside the bathtub or in the bathroom? Are you in a hurry to store these toys? This bathing toy will not add to your storage burden, as long as you tighten the rope, you can store all the bath toy balls in the hoop.
If you often worry about the bad suction of the toys, you can try our bath toy with a super suction cup. No matter how long the children shoot, our toys can be firmly adsorbed on the wall.

We insist on using environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials to bring the most unburdened happiness to children. Our toys are made of high quality plastic and are round and won’t hurt kids’ hands. The ball can be used multiple times in the water without being moldy.

Pack list: 1 Whale Bath Basketball Hoop
3 Ocean Animal Balls